Monday, November 17, 2008

food journals

So I am keeping a food journal for a week, well see how it goes I have to write about my hunger levels...whether or not I purged for the day and if so how many times..and ofcourse all binging must be reported...i m embarressed...I m afraid if I have to write down everything I eat i will restrict but that s better then purging, S talked to K and I am not allowed to do hour long walks any more ...only forty five min. which sucks but Ill take what I can get I know what its like to not be able to exercise at all.

I just had my first food journal meal and i am doing evrything in my power to keep it down...ugh...blogging helps

happy thoughts....

thanksgiving is next week last night my friend Alexis came over and we planned the menu...( our parents have passed the job on to us) ..Zack and Alyssa helped with the planning and if we go by Zs menu then we will be having tacos for

that kid cracks me up...but he is having trouble listening in school I think its cause hes not sleeping at night but who knows hes been pretty bold in school...he spit in another boys face and then they tackeled each other, great my kids a scrapper!

I am the helper parent for As classroom party for thanksgiving...yeah another food thing, I swear the world is not set up for chics with Eds...hahahaha

then in Zs class I have to be there early on monday cause they are having a party and of course thats another food thing...geez...

I am starting to feel like purging less I think I will keep writting, hmmmm what to write about well i am making like a million things for thanksgiving Iwill be cooking like the entire 2 days before hand...can we say trigger...

on a less happy note it will also be the 1 yr anniversery of my grandfathers death, and te hnext day the 28th will be mine and my grandmothers birthday, it really sucks cause although she will not be alone she wont have any close family with her on the aniversery of his death, they were together 60 odd yearsand I will be a bloody 29 yrs old another yr with Ed geez its getting a little old you know...

alright I need to go fill out my food journal


wish me luck

Love, Z


Zena said...

I wanna PURGE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!








DaftDragon said...

Way to use the blog as a way to avoid it- it's definitely helped me sometimes.

And I know what you mean about added ED stress around the Holidays, constant food situations.
The good thing about the kids class stuff is the Moms don't usually eat anything there anyway.

Good luck!