Friday, July 30, 2010

The Earth is off its Axis

The Gulf turned black with oil that spewed from pipelines under the sea. Earth quakes are shaking all over the world killing thousands and thousands of people and leaving millions of more with out homes, food or water. Floods are consuming city's and towns, eradicating wildlife and plants that at one time flourished. Fires consume the earth destroying it, killing the soil and trees that once grew. People are dieing by thier own hands, jumping off bridges, throwing themselves in front of trains, swallowing lethal doses of medications, hanging themselves. Every 16 minutes someone attempts suicide and 30% of those people will succeed. Something is very very wrong in this world, Our earth is trying to tell us something, I will not stand on my soap box and preach to you what I think is wrong and what I feel is happening but i will say this to each one of us who are killing ourselves through our eating disorder .... That is not what was intended for us (you).

While it is entirely true we can not do anything about the Earth shaking, or floods, or fires, we can and we should be hyper aware that people are dying. From cancer and Heart disease, and too many things to mention. All of those things are beyond our control ( well maybe not heart disease...but you get my point). Death by suicide, whether it be from a gun or starvation IS within our control. Mental illness is kills..people who need help arent getting it, and some who are receiving help arent willing to participate in their own healing...This has to stop! We need to do something to stop this senseless phenomenon of people ending their own lives...I dont know the answer but I do know awareness is the key...

If someone you know is depressed, suicidal, sick with any type of mental illness, reach out to them, give them a number to call, tell them they are not alone, hold them, tell them their lives have meaning.

And for those of you who are reading this RIGHT NOW, who feel like you have NO ONE, I am here to tell you, you do have someone,GOD is with you, reach out, you are NOT alone, your life has GREAT value, this planet would miss you if you were not here...YOUR LIFE HAS GREAT PURPOSE!!!

Please everyone be safe, love yourself today, know you are of great value and are loved whether you feel it or not.

Much love, Tara


Im very sorry as I rushed to type and post this morning I posted some inacurate facts, not because I didnt know them but because I, well was in a hurry...the correct statistics are as follows...EVERY 16 MINUTES someone is successful in committing suicide across the U.S, I dont know of the facts for other countries, that 30%of all attemped suicides are successful and suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of all men in the U.S. also women are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide but men are 3 times more likely to be successful...also...most men dont leave notes, their actions are much more dramatic and leave little to no room for, they use guns and hanging themselves, women tend to over dose and cut, either way they are desperate actions by desperate people...So if someone you know is hurting or if you are hurting...REACH OUT! LIFE IS ALREADY TO SHORT, we do not need anymore senseless deaths.

again Love Love, Tara


kris said...

This was an inspirational post -- it's a good point you make that there are plenty of things out of our control that are taking lives, so we shouldn't sit back and let things that we can prevent add to that list.

flaweddesign said...

i do feel very helpless and hopeless again this disease and i don't know what i need to change that.

belinda said...

i love you and am loving your posts.

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