Thursday, June 18, 2009

update...a little

well I am missing PHP today casue Alyssa graduates Kindergarden!!! whoop whoop!!!!, My babys going into first grade..OMG I am so old!:)

Its been a rough go since I was released from IP I have had some slips and have been filling out BCAs like they are going out of style:(

I am desperate to lose the wieght I gained while IP but instead of restricting I ahve turned to B/P its ridiculous...but I am really useing my voice in groups...I mean like I am takeing in a lot of DBT info and trying to put it to use. I am on exercise restriction which sucks major balls but I am trying to own like I am committed to not exercising to save my body, mind and soul...I am working on nuturing myself i am getting really into yoga..( the only exercise I am allowed) really seems to center me...guess it works you know.

Lisa, thankyou so much for the card it really made my day to get are so sweet, you all are ...

I need to stay focused on recovery and start really getting to the core issues, I may not blog as often but know I am thinking of you all...I really need to focus on getting my family straightened out...we are falling apart ..and that needs to be my first priority.

Love, Z


Anonymous said...

just wanted to wish you well on your continued recovery ... i know it is hard, but you can do it ... and you are worth it!

it gives me strength and hope to read what you are going through - so thank you for sharing. i can identify so much.

and yes - family is so important, so i hope everything works itself out there soon as well!
keep moving in the right direction! i know you can do it!

Just Eat It! said...

Aww, it's great that Alyssa is graduating kindergarten. It's even better that you get to be there!

Perhaps exercise restriction is a good thing. Abstaining from exercise usually helps to break the over-doing it habit. I wish I could get into yoga but I'm about as inflexible as a a board of wood.

lisalisa said...

It sounds like you are making good use of your time in PHP and that is great to hear! So glad you were able to see your daughter's graduation and ED didn't take that milestone away from you! Keep fighting!

Flushed Again said...

Yay for your little first grader!

I always wanted to get into yoga, that's really great that it's working to center you. Breathe, relax and be in the moment.

Dee said...

A-ha! so there is a core reason of your ED! I thought so. Its good that you are digging to find out why so that this can help you recover from the ED issue.

I also think once you find out what they are, that you will feel much better about yourself. Things will make sense once you learn the reasons.

Stick to it Z-no matter how difficult it will get...and it will get very difficult. But stick it will be rewarded greatly once its all done! Trust me on this!

Safe hugz!

Zena said...

I cant believe the love and support I have found on this blog(((HUGS))) to you all. I had a behavior free night last night and I just need to keep it up...going to program late cause I have an apt with the ED doc. Hopefully she will give me a clean bill of health...pray for me folks....I love you all...and can I get a big HELL yeah!!! on no symptoms last night!!!

Love, Z

lisalisa said...

That's awesome, Z! I'm so happy for you that you are kicking ED butt! You rock!

PTC said...

Just popping in to say hi. Hope you're doing ok.

firefly said...

Hay Girl: I'm so glad that you got to see A graduate. I can't believe she is a first grader. Bet you are excited and scared!Hang in there T, I know you can beat this!