Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thankyou but I will be taking a break.

until I am doing better, I will be taking a break, Im embarassed to say how Disordered I have become, I dont want to trigger anyone, and really Im just quite ashamed, I will be back however when I am able to pull myself out of this.

Love and best wishes to all, I will continue to fight!!

Love, Tara


lisalisa said...

hang in there sweets!!!!!!


Angela E. Gambrel said...

You will make it...I have faith in you.


firefly said...

Keep in contact. I've not really been on account you are on because I just can't handle everything. No embarrassment it's so very hard. I understand. Let's just say I'm in a very sad place with all that. Talking long term effects that made it impossible and threw me back in a bad situation. Tara, Keep fighting!!!!It's messed up my stomach swallowing and so goes nutrition and for me I've got IBS issues so no nutrition means no rational thinking and ed arrives.If you get that? Lost my t because think she and dr lots of disagreeing. So partly embarrassment and Lyssie stuff has kept me off fb account. Just rely on your team. I know you are very lucky with them. They care and make those calls. Long term effects aren't what you want. If something really is up that I need to know about text, call, think you have my e-mail so much going on with me and trying to hook people up. Trying to get Matthew West to do something for a few of the kids.Supporting Lyssie's family, Ivory Hugs! Sarah

battleinmind said...

Love to you. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you. xxx

sarahlynn said...

I understand taking a break from here (of course). I'll be thinking of you and hoping things are turning around. Many HUGS,

Zena said...

I just wanted to say thank you. Things are not any better, maybe worse as my anxiety has hightened, I kinda feel like Im in quick sand and trying to walk, I know at some point it will either get easier or I will quit, from past experiance I can say Im not a quiter but right now things just arent well, okay I just wanted to say thank you and love to everyone..really did I write beak and not break, Im such an ass!!