Friday, September 10, 2010

Technical Difficulties:(

My computer has shit the bed, i m going to go and try to get it fixed today after S, ( im on my moms right now)

real quick...

pdoc took my "stock pile" as she called it, left me with just what I needed and took my clonipin, gave me 21 pills which I need to give to S today, S will dispense my meds to me 2xs a weeks ( I see her twice).

Pdoc said that at least a part of me wants to live or i wouldnt have brought in my meds, I said said yes, but when they are there the temptation is so great, like telling an alcoholic they cant drink the voodka in the closet...anyway..I will be back as soon as I am able.

I love you all so much, thankyou for such beautiful and supporting comments on my previous post, it means so much, Those of you who know my on FB please check out my page, Bella a dear friend and fellow blogger went to the world wide suicide awareness memorial service (one was held in melbourne Australia) and she placed a letter that I wrote and a picture of mike and I on the memorial wall.

((B)) I am eternally grateful.

Love, Tara


Eating Alone said...

Really glad you gave your pills in. Makes me feel a lot better about you.

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I am glad you are taking the steps to stay safe. You will get better; we both will and someday all this will seem like a bad dream. (God please soon lift some of the pain, I pray.)

Be well.


belinda said...

of course love, i wanted you there!
one person i met was asking me to talk about all my posts on the memorial wall.. i couldn't talk about you, i fell to pieces. all i could say, was my friend in the usa.. and then the tears just flooded. anyway, i am proud that you were part of our day and that in a way... we were together :)

ps, it was in sydney!! ;) hehe

lisalisa said...

where are you? I hope you are ok! I'm still praying for you every night....

XO Lisa

belinda said...

i know lots is going on this month. i hope you are ok.
love and miss you babe.