Sunday, June 19, 2011


words spoken and not
Lives weaved together like that of soft knit blanket, its warmth giving life to our deadened souls..
the tales mirror one another, the love and pain shared by both
The story never starts as a tragedy, its a love story through and through
love of two souls brought together through a fear, kept together by love and joined together through death
My soul is breathed air into through your words
My heart is lifted through your care
To think I might lose you too crushes my spirit
To hold you and walk into the sand doons gives me hope
You are priceless, worth more then diamonds
that glisten in the sunlight, beams of beauty, shimmering into the sky
To show you of your worth, the stringent value of you being, the truth of you soul,
I would give anything to see you find peace in yourself
We will find peace together
Together we will find our ever present purpose, know our truths and begin to accept love as we have learned to love from one another
I will take a deep breath of the same air
And say all will be well.

All my love, Tara


belinda said...

beautiful girl,
i had to come back and read this. your words have touched me today where i thought i had another deadened day ahead of me, you showed me some light :)

may our futures be bright
may we feel love
may we be treated with respect
and respect ourselves

much love to you on a day i know was tough. speak to you soon.


belinda said...

..... as promised, i am home and reading this with tears. it is one of the most beautiful and special things anyone has done for me.

i still can't believe everything. it's fate baby, we were meant to meet :)

Lisa said...

this is beautiful hun.

stay strong. hang in there. i'm here if you need me


firefly said...

Concerned. Where are you? hugs!

firefly said...

ok It's been a month. Tell us if you are all ok after car accident. Hugs!